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Welcome to MAGNUM OPUS! These are collections of various write-ups and artworks with different subjects designed for you. As you visit and explore , you will find, however, that this site is different from most/other sites you have seen.

Welcome to MAGNUM OPUS! These are collections of various write-ups and artworks with different subjects designed for you. As you visit and explore , you will find, however, that this site is different from most/other sites you have seen.


Pictures of art galleries will be posted here.


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The Magnum Opus: An Introduction

This magnum opus (masterpiece) is a collage of Malyn Elopre, a BSE-TLE major. The work is made of pieces of cut brochures creatively assembled by the artist. The artist adapted the subject from the famous Greek  mythological god, Narcissus, who felt in love with himself upon seeing his reflection in the water. Unable to leave the beauty of his reflection, Narcissus died.The collage speaks of the beauty of the subject and the artistic hand of Malyn, the artist (2010).

   Many were asking, "Why is it entitled Magnum Opus?" Well, some students nowadays are still having the dark minds. Their minds and imaginations are being covered with darkness that prevents them to voice out what they want and express. They are still unable to discover their hidden talents in writing and arts. Their hands are being chained; their eyes are covered. They are now imprisoned in the dungeon of ignorance.

        Thus, on March 21, 2012 (as the site owner was inspired by somebody special), the Magnum Opus came into existence. This educational site endeavors to emancipate and to save these students from the darkness and bring them to the world of imagination—the arts.

           Magnum Opus is a Latin term which means “a great masterpiece” or a great work. This is the site of students who attempt to escape from the dark trenches by creating and mending a road that make them step forward towards meaningful learning. As they create something, they express themselves. The site owner believes that art is one of the vehicles of learning and expression, hence, the MAGNUM OPUS is one.

The painting on the right is a magnum opus (masterpiece) of a BSE Mathematics student, Mr. Shadrachrey Gevero. The painting depicts the distorted body parts of the two lovers while making love scenario. The painting is so detailed in its presentation of abstraction-distortion. The painting also shows deep emotion of the subject and so with the expression Mr. Gevero wanted to convey. This masterpiece was done in  synthetic paints applied with oil. (2012).


Welcome to this mini-site. Just write, read, create and enjoy!



Poems and Stories, Anyone?

Want to become a writer like William Shakespeare, Robert Frost, Edgar Allan Poe, Emily Dickinson or Robert Browning? Register now to submit your poems, stories and compositions and see what you've got!

Want to share a poem or a story? Register first in this site (click the link above or go directly to the register page. See the upper box on the left). Write your emotions!

Lights, Camera... Action!

Wow! You can now upload your own or group videos here in MAGNUM OPUS! As you uploaded it, everyone can give comments how your video works and amazing and astounded it is! You can upload videos regarding school activities, personal shots, etc. Not yet register? Click the register button above left to use fully the site.

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You can post your photos with your friends, families, classmates, love ones, group mates, boardmates, etc. As you post, others have the chance to comment on your posted photos. You can also post a comment to others 'photos. Make it chattier by posting more and more comments.

On the left: The BSE-Math students with their Art Gallery grabbing the first place in the HUMAN ART EXPO 2012.


MAGNUM OPUS Poem Writing Contest (temporary)

Poem writing contest is for everybody to enhance his/her aesthetic writing skills especially in creative writing and composition. There are lots of categories where they can select and write.

If you wanted to join and to enter your entry just register (if you haven’t yet registered) and/ or if you have signed up/in already, just click CONTEST on the above page. Write your poem there. The owner of the site will be the one to decide if the entry is worth winning for. The best poem will be posted and featured in the homepage. The author of the winning poem will be featured also .

Rules of the contest:

  1. Everybody can join in the contest. He must have the knowledge about the elements of poetry.
  2. Any subject of interest will do. Like nature, love, poverty, friendship, sports, education, art, technology, environment, music, politics, etc. The poem will be in English or Filipino language.
  3. Anyone who will post malicious, intentional, and devastating texts and images will be disqualified and automatically banned/deleted in the site.
  4. The poem must contain not more than 20 lines and not less than 8 lines (except for the haiku and tanaga. The number of stanzas will not matter. Any style will do (as free-verse or with rhyme). Only one entry per post.
  5. Upon publishing, the author must put a date below the poem together with his/her pseudonym/penname.
  6. If for example, the author posted an entry which is not his/her own work, he/she will be automatically disqualified. The entry will be examined thoroughly.
  7. As the entry will appear in the side bar (in the left side), the members (or even the author) have/has the chance to comment. Furthermore, the winner has also the chance to be posted in the top 10 writers.
  8. The contest will begin on __________ and will be closed on ___________.
  9. The decision of the judge is final.

For more information always log on to www. Thank you!

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ART-growForestry I (BSAF 1) 22.18% (61 votes)

ART-technologist (BSIT 1B) 35.27% (97 votes)

Electrochine En Mod-ART (BSAE/ECE 2) 12.73% (35 votes)

Techno-ART (BSIT 1A) 14.91% (41 votes)

ARTlanders (BSAF 4) 14.91% (41 votes)





Congratulations all humanities students for making the art gallery contest successful.



Bulletin of Information

Post #1:

Congratulations to ASSCAT Likhaan Theater Arts for the successful presentation of their Jazz Chant for the Buwan ng Wika!

Student Artists Section

The following are the top 10 students who have Excellent marks in Humanities:

1. Argiem Rey D. Abella (BSIT 1A)

2. Bryan Jay Amero (BSAF 1)

3. Arde A. Poculan (BSIT 1B)

4. Harry S. Besinga (BSAF 4)

5. Omer Anthony R. Moncada (BSIT 1A)

6. Joemar L. Garsula (BSECE 2) 

7. Krisler Cercado (BSECE 2)




Posted 07/24/12

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